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Jessica Cacciatore

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Some of you have used our employability services in the past. Today, I am announcing you good news: the pre-employability program The Bridge is back, and I, Jessica Cacciatore, will be your new employment counselor!

Jessica Cacciatore, employment counselor at IL-M.

Who am I?

First of all, I myself am a woman with a disability who has met many challenges in my everyday life, whether at a school, professional or social level. Some of you may have come across me, spoken to me or seen me during my adapted dance or circus performances. However, beyond my hobbies, I have 15 years of professional experience, including 5 years in human resources and 2 years defending the rights of post-secondary students with disabilities. I am well aware of the school reality and the transition to employment, managerial practices and the labor market, with its challenges and setbacks.

I am also a bachelor in Career Development, where I am learning to use and adapt to your reality the new techniques, tools, tests and theories that can help you during your job search, internship or volunteer work. I am here to support you, coach you, offer you my listening ear and give you the necessary encouragements so that you can independently develop your full potential as workers contributing to our beautiful society. Over the years, I have developed a network of close contacts with several organizations offering many services. I keep up to date on government programs that promote the retention and integration of people with disabilities into employment. Finally, I believe in you, in your ability to adapt and succeed, in the development of your skills, in your self-determination and in the development of a better self-confidence for each of you.


I invite you to contact me if you need my individual counselling services. You can also mention it to your family or friends with a disability, mental illness or learning disability that have difficulties finding a job.  Finally, I also invite you to read our calendar of the month and to share our Facebook announcements, in which you will be offered various creative workshops, instructive conferences, informative meetings and more.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Jessica Cacciatore
Employment Counselor at Independent living – Montreal


Last modified : 06/12/2017
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